Client Testimonials

Mr Janak Jariwala,

We have regular reviews and frank discussions about my expected returns. We go as per joint finding and market perception at that point of time. No impulsive decision is taken. With the necessary data/information, the right way forward is designed.

SAFEinvest is the right extension of NJ. It is right, co-operative, accessible and helpful. Fortunately, I know NJ and SAFEinvest, and so have a sense of security with them.

Mr Janak Jariwala, Entrepreneur
Mr Shrikant Mundra,

I 100% rely on SAFEinvest for my investment decisions. Their suggestions are very powerful. Vishal plays a big role for me. I am entirely satisfied after his involvement in my decisions. Earlier sometimes, I would discontinue my investments; when I wanted money even after their persistence for not withdrawing it. But, later I realized their precious inputs which could fetch more returns had I continued.

They are so trustworthy; I have given SAFEinvest’s reference to my friends and relatives PAN India, and have chased them to start investing’.

Mr Shrikant Mundra, Industrialist
Mr Prakash Golwala,

I decided to become a loyal client of SAFEinvest because of the actual investment education I received. I also learnt the terminology “Risk Adjusted Returns” from them. This is the most valuable part of investment education. The measure of risk and understanding of risk, in my opinion, stands the prime most. Subsequently, relating this to our own requirement would make a matured investment decision.

I find the SAFEinvest team highly ‘Proactive’. You just ask them a query and a problem and forget it. SAFEinvest will chase you with their reply. The level of trust and integrity is very high in SAFEinvest and NJ both.

Mr Prakash Golwala, Yarn Dealer
Mrs Tejal Bankim Dave,

I have been investing with SAFEinvest since 2004. I have total faith in them and they know every aspect of my financial health. We have one kind of tuning which is perfectly ok. They give good advice and have good philosophy. We have bonding and transparency. Right from the beginning, I am fully satisfied with their suggestions to achieve my financial goals.

Mrs Tejal Bankim Dave, Visiting Faculty, SCET
Mr Keyur Mehta,

My investment execution has been satisfying. Resolution comes within 24 hours which is more than enough, if there is a query. SAFEinvest is more methodical in their work approach which is their distinctive feature.

Mr Keyur Mehta, Chartered Accountant
Dr Manish Patel,

Converting an emotional decision of investment into an objective one is a very challenging task but kudos to SAFEinvest, who could do it right from inception, in association with NJ.

I am one of the few fortunate ones, who have been with them since their inception. Working with them has made me feel very safe and secure. Excellent service, transparent communication, sound advice coupled with integrity has always been the whole mark of SAFEinvest.

Dr Manish Patel, Technology Enablers
Mr Madhusudan Sevak & Mrs Anjana Sevak,

Whatever SAFEinvest and NJ plans in the favour of the customer is undoubtedly good. Their services and communication is appreciable. We get regular market updates from them. Because of the trust factor, we always stay invested with them.

Mr Madhusudan Sevak & Mrs Anjana Sevak, Retired Couple
Mr Bharat Mashruwala,

When I retired in 2005, my fund was planned in such a way that even our day to day expenses are taken care of. I have blind faith in Vishal and SAFEinvest. I am impressed that my funds were planned with proper planning and foresightedness.

I am very much satisfied with their services. SAFEinvest is performing better than my expectations.

Mr Bharat Mashruwala, Former Banker
Mr. Jayesh Sheth & Ketan Sheth,

We have been associated with SAFEinvest since inception. Their quality of suggestions is perfect, and we get regular updates from them. They respond anytime to our queries with proper solutions. Since, last 20-22 years, we have not approached any other Investment Planner for our investment needs.

Mr. Jayesh Sheth & Ketan Sheth, Businessmen
Mr. Ankit Merchant,

SAFEinvest's service understanding is excellent. My interaction with SAFEinvest has been very candid. They genuinely understand customer needs and cater to them. They take the feedback constructively, and act on it. I have followed SAFEinvest’s suggestions blindly which has created wonders for me. My every single dream has been translated into reality.

Mr. Ankit Merchant, Professional, NRI
Dalal Family

SAFEinvest's discipline and process is very strong. Whenever we drift off due to other alluring returns, we get a reminder by SAFEinvest to come back to basics. Secondly, their selection of stocks, selection of process and decision of asset allocation are the key highlights.

Dalal Family