We offer benefits of trading and depository services under one roof. NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd. is registered as a Member with Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) & National Stock Exchange (NSE). NJ is also registered as a Depository participant of CDSL and through that platform we offer E-Wealth A/c services.

Dematerialisation and trading in the demat mode is a safer and quicker alternative to holding physical securities. Under the depository services, the securities are held in electronic form for the investor directly by the Depository.

Benefits of E-Wealth

The comprehensive online platform empowers the client’s to access, record, and manage the entire investment portfolio across multiple assets and products for the entire family at a single place

Your entire investment portfolio neatly organised in one place.
100% Online: Experience industry leading paperless transaction features/solutions.
The client can transact Mutual Funds and Direct Equity, and also can apply for IPOs, NPS, and Fixed Income.
Portfolio Overview: It provides a single-page view of updated valuation of investments done through NJ - MF, Direct Equity, Fixed Income, and PMS.
Past Performance: This gives a detailed performance of Mutual fund investments, SIP, SWP MARS, and PMS since inception.
Live Systematic Plans: An interesting feature where a client can check live SIP details at account and at a family level.
Individual Product Reports: The client can view all the transacted history. One can access individual product reports including Mutual Funds, Direct Equity, Fixed Income, and Depository Participant (DP) Holding.
Tax Statements: The Profit & Loss Report and Dividend history of the portfolio for each Financial Year since the inception of the investments can be viewed here.

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