Mutual Fund Automated Portfolio Rebalancing System (MARS)

MARS (Mutual Fund Automated Portfolio Rebalancing System) overcomes issues whereby they can manage their asset allocation and invest in better performing schemes by the click of a mouse and maximize the returns. As the process is system driven and operationally smooth, it also helps weed out behavioral biases. MARS gives a wide array of portfolios to choose from to the investor based on his risk appetite and periodically triggers portfolio rebalancing based on deviations from the asset allocation of the model portfolio and to give Risk-Adjusted returns to the investor over a period of time.


  • It gives access to a range of well-diversified portfolios to choose from.
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation Portfolios: The asset allocation between equity and debt would vary depending on the risk in the equity markets i.e. higher the risk, lower the allocation into equities and vice versa.
    Three Strategies
    • Aggressive
    • Moderate
    • Conservative
  • Fixed Asset Allocation Portfolios: The asset allocation between equity and debt will be fixed. The NJ Research Team will select the underlying MF schemes.
    Ten various Strategies
    • 10% Equity and 90% Debt
    • 20% Equity and 80% Debt
    • 30% Equity and 70% Debt
    • 40% Equity and 60% Debt
    • 50% Equity and 50% Debt
    • 60% Equity and 40% Debt
    • 70% Equity and 30% Debt
    • 80% Equity and 20% Debt
    • 90% Equity and 10% Debt
    • 100% Equity and 0% Debt
  • Balanced Advantage Portfolios: Dynamic management of portfolio between debt and equity
  • Balanced Portfolio: A blend of Balanced funds to invest money into.
  • ELSS Portfolio: Best suited for ELSS investments
  • SIP Portfolios: Best suited for SIP investments
  • Liquid Portfolio: Investment for short-term horizon (3-6 Months)


  • Model portfolio(s) can be selected depending on the client's requirements and investment needs.
  • Helps to invest in well researched mutual fund schemes in the portfolio.
  • Simple execution tools for portfolio rebalancing.
  • Enhanced or Risk-Adjusted returns resulting from disciplined asset allocation and superior scheme selection.

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